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Hallo Ladies and Gentlemen greatly warmly on my Information Page!

Bienvenue Mesdames et Messieurs!

I am first inter alia a modest, discreet Chairman & CEO & CCO by the global freelance Company as private Partnership in private Hand spread acsoss five continents and a parallel Entrepreneur. All my global activities and address of responsibilities with the transactions you get on www.Xing.com. The austria domaine is the best solution for us. We are working very discreet, sure accurate in a quietly service. There are only real facts, numbers actual time object on the table and conceals nothing. Up to date each Years in a secretive style with closed- mouthed but in a regulating, quitly handling and really cover up anything. If you´ve got a problem, don´t care what it is, if you need a hand, I can assure you this, I can help. Well read more about me in my online book, Link and thank you.

Slogan: learning by doing and never give up, stay mentally on the ground...

Wisdom: follow your heart and be honest with yourself...

my Vow:  let´s get ready to rumble, love it, because Richard is in the house...


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 thank you for listening and reading this lines and have a great successful day, because your success is our business...

  1. Offices: Paris - London - LA - Manhattan - Sydney - Kuala Lumpur - Austria - Headquarter in 98000 Monaco
  2. Company: service consulting experience with empathy in team service by KnowHow-Performance-Results
  3. Organization: global independent private Partnership and distributed in private Hand to all five continents
  4. Branche: Hotel / Gastronomy / Business / Group of Companies / large Enterprises / small Businesses
  5. Activity: Chairman & CEO & CCO as Counselor, Consultant, Public Relations, Marketing, Controller...
  6. Phone: 0043(0)650 3555849 E-Mail - Massages + WhatsApp - SMS
  7. Office Austria Waldstrasse 5 / 5222 Bradirn one of many global office addresses
  8. E-mail: gewerbedr@hotmail.com is the first request, not Deal will be made by address,phone,mail only person