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I first learned Blues with Pentatonic on the Guitar love it. Well I learned Music autodidact also Studio work and guitar in many Decades of Practice and like Rhythm. Listen now really do not make my own CD and on Stage Tours, hoof it from Club to Club and Gig is not important at all to me. My Music based is rhythm, melody and supporting harmony. Absolutely without creating the aggression of monotonous beats and thereby producing alpha waves, the bridge between waking consciousness and subconscious mind with subliminal evil text in the mind of the listener...


My Name is DJ Cavallo or Richard or Entertainment Richard and I produce, create Songs, Melodies, Harmony, Rhythm, Lyric and SounD- Design also SFX Basic, Jingle, Compositions in all Genre with Hook and work with scale and quint zirkel in Studio quality. Well like SSL Duality SE and δelta and L500 Plus and C200HD and C300HD you know...


WAV or Music 16Bit/44.1kHz(CD), 24Bit/48kHz(DVD), 24Bit/192 (Master) or 320kHz. Mp3 24Bit/192-320kHz all Stereo or Flac and DTS-HD Master Audio. Work with creativity and different male and female Voices, Blocks of each Wave. Also Instruments with different digital and analog Effects, record many tracks, mix first all them to the Song, SounD together, then I work long in DAW finished. But with my rights or your rights with Copyright Statement and Contract also Ainti Piracy Certified Plant discreet write to me. Like Solid State Logic and is the global Music Standard...

listen learn more about Solid State Logic for Studio or Live or Broadcast in modern hybrid studio workflow for Music and Sound-for-Picture and more.


Find your best individual equipment. SSL is absolutely firmly established as the industry standard for large professional audio production.

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