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Introducing New Trends


This Interior is provided by gewerbedr.at.  You can be charmed and inspired. In the process, find new ideas and implement them skillfully.

Coral, or 90% white or grew or pastel colors may still be the neutral of choice for many walls and interiors, but colour is set to be bolder this year. We’re feeling braver with colour choices – on both walls and furniture pieces.. Moody interiors are more popular than ever, too, with brooding violet, navy and striking emerald green all key colours for 2019...

Color of the Year 2019


New interior ideas 2019 in a special design and the play of colors. Here, new impressions can be gained and the ocularity of the rooms is highlighted.

Furniture is set to head to the dark side this year. We’re stepping away from pale, bleached woods that were hugely popular thanks to the Scandi trend of recent years. 2019 is the year where darker wood tones signify a resurgence for retro glamour, and provide a new take on modern luxe. While this dark trend has been bubbling on the back burner for some time, this year it’s ready to take over completely. But are you ready, that’s the question?

  • Looking for colour inspiration.
  • Rich pigments in colorfulness.
  • Clam dark wood and their solid wood boards.
  • Decor, smart home technology, property and gardens.
  • New innovative design for appealing customers
  • New ideas as well as suggestions and design for all areas of living

Upcoming Room

Beauty Embellishment

Ice-cream pastels, glitter gold's, indigo blues and super zingy colour pops. Design is a process without beginning and without end, a field of great curiosity, a depot of ideas. That´s the key. Can you follow me...

Clear Lines in Colors

Residential areas are probably the most individual homework, because they tell a lot about the well-being and about what the lifestyles of the people who live in them look like.. Can you follow me...

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Exceptional Interior,

be inspired and leave for something new.



Enjoy the charming Interior Design 2019